J. R. Tucker High School Band 
and Orchestra

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The music is ready and available for you to start practicing!  I have placed it into google drive.  Click the link and find your instrument m=family folder.  If you have trouble viewing the files please let me know and I can send you the file.  Scores are available for you to compare your parts to others and make notes in your music if you need to.

The euphonium/baritone horn part is being switched to bass clef.  The rhythms are still the same but will take a little bit to change.  Once it is given to me I will upload it into the brass folder.

If you have any questions concerning rhythms or notes please reach out to me. I’m very excited for this show and I hope you are too!  Our arranger Chris Cerreto has done a phenomenal job!

This show will only be as successful as you want it to be. If you want it to be awesome then you need to start practicing it NOW!