J. R. Tucker High School Band 
and Orchestra

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Hi JR Tucker HS Band Booster Parents and supporters!

We're kicking off our fundraiser with Givebutter, the nation's leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs and teams. For the past five years, Givebutter has helped more than 10,000 groups in the U.S. raise more than $400M in funding! I'm excited to get started and have one vital request. Our start date will be Monday August 26, 2019.

I ask that you help your student identify contacts for potential supporters. .We are hoping that to have a successful campaign by getting 100% participation for all band members. It is my hope and expectation that each student will have a major impact on our program. Here are the next steps:

I feel that by using Givebutter, we raise more, pay less and give better. New this year, band members are able to access the web site by using: https://givebutter.com/BzbmnV/join Student are not required to send emails and I would like to add that students are able to send encouraging comment and appropriate pictures to the website. Have fun!

Here are examples of people your student should consider using to help jump start their campaign.

  • Parent(s)/Guardian #1
  • Parent(s)/Guardian #2
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Cousin(s)
  • Uncle(s)
  • Auntie(s)
  • Family doctor
  • Orthodontist/dentist
  • Church/Social leader
  • Scout/troop leader
  • Family friend #1
  • Family friend #2
  • Former coach
  • School alumni
  • Local businesses that know you
  • Neighbor(s)
  • Parent co-worker(s)
  • Friend of parent
  • Adult sibling(s)

Thank you for all of your continued support of our program!

Patrick Maloney – Ways and Means Chair