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Marching Band FAQ

Can a Student be in Marching Band if they are not in a Band Class?

A student must be registered in a standard band class (beginning, intermediate, or advanced) which covers the Standards of Learning for Instrumental Music in order to participate in Marching Band. Concepts covered during the regularly band classes are prerequisites for marching band.

Do all Band Students participate in Marching Band?

No. Students may choose to enroll in a band class while not participating in marching band. Marching Band is an optional "early bird" class (although it meets in the afternoon.)

Are the August "Band Camp" rehearsals required for membership in the Marching Band?

Yes. Students choosing to participate in Marching Band must attend all rehearsals beginning in mid-August of each year. In order to be prepared for the fall performance and competition season, this time is necessary to learn fundamentals and master the fall show.

What expenses can a Marching Band student expect to incur?

Marching Band participation does require certain fees for each family. These fees cover operating costs of the Marching Tigers including drill design & music, instrument parts & repairs, supplemental instructors, competition registration fees, transportation, and props. There are also section-specific fees such as gloves, shoes, percussion equipment, guard equipment, etc.

How much after school rehearsal time is expected of a Marching Band student?

Marching Band students can expect to rehearse for approximately 2.5 hours a day 3-4 days a week during football season.

Can a student participate in athletics and Marching Band?

The Band and and Athletic departments work closely together to arrange practice time and rehearsal schedules to accommodate students participating in both activities. It is not always easy, and does require some advanced planning, but most conflicts are worked out with good communication between students, parents, coaches, and band director. The student must take the initial responsibility for working out conflicts by communicating with coaches and band director.

When does the Marching Band perform?

For away games, the visiting band typically performs their field show before the game as well as the National Anthem, so always plan to arrive early to support our performers!

For home games, the band performs during half time, leaving the stands at 8 minutes into the 2nd quarter to warm-up and prepare.

During games, the band sits in a designated section and performs stand music. The band is given a break during 3rd quarter. Performers may visit concessions, etc. but must report back at the specified time and follow the handbook rules.

What kind of contests and competitions does the Marching Band participate in?

The Marching Tigers compete at about six competitions a year. Most competitions are on Saturdays and the Marching Tigers may travel to more than one competition on the same day. The Marching Tigers also participates in the annual Henrico County Public Schools Showcase of Bands, featuring all of the HCPS marching bands. This event is usually on a weekday evening in the fall.

Can my child stay after school on game days?

A Marching Band student can only stay after if they are participating in the Booster-supervised Tiger Tailgate. The Band Room is locked and there is not HCPS supervision between the end of the school day and call time.

Do I have to provide transportation to games, competitions, etc.?

The Marching Tigers travel to & from all events in school-provided buses. Chaperones also travels by bus or vehicles transporting band equipment.

What are my responsibilities as a Marching Band Chaperone?

Chaperoning an event is a great way to get to know the students, other band parents, and the program. But there are responsibilities associated with this role.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

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