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Smart Music

Introducing Smart Music at Tucker High School!

We are excited to announce that the J.R. Tucker High School Instrumental Music Department will begin using Smart Music for the 2014-2015 school year for assessments and guided practice. This will replace the old way of submitting recorded playing assignments. Better yet, Smart Music is fun, interactive and gives you INSTANT feedback. It is the first step into transforming your ensemble and your own playing!

Check out the video below for an introduction to the features:


Smart Music for practice requires an individual subscription to the product. A one-year student subscription is $40. Parent/guardians can subscribe to allow students the opportunities to prepare the music before they need to submit the assignments.

"What happens if I do not purchase the subscription?"

You can still submit the assignments on the school computer; however, you will not have the flexibility to use practice takes or use the features at home. Recordings must be submitted once through the director's subscription.

Where most private lessons average $20-40 per hour; Smart Music's year-long subscription is a fantastic and cost-effective way to help your child reach new heights on his/her instrument.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. Frank at J.R. Tucker High School.

To start the subscription and have access to thousands of music titles, exercises and etudes, go here:

Once you have a subscription, you can enroll in your class at Tucker High School to receive assignments. See the videos below on how to enroll in your class to see the assignments, practice, and submit takes.

Have an iPad? Check out this video for Smart Music on the iPad.

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